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Dear Friends and Clients,

I am excited to have the opportunity to share some history about me in an effort to earn your trust in listing and selling your home, as well as representing you to purchase your home.

I was raised in Halifax in the Rockingham area where my mother still lives in the same household she has lived for 70 years. We were taught that you had to work hard not only to get ahead, but just to survive. Coming from a large family and being the middle child  made me learn to not only to work hard but "smart" to excel in the world. The icing on the cake was learning from my mother that integrity was so important in business and life. Fast forward after years in retail, understanding customer service as the next important lesson from many mentors I met and worked with along the way. 

from an established base of retail and understanding consumers needs I moved on to the wholesale and manufacturing  business but still with customer service and integrity as mainstays to my business acumen. All this came with promotions and opportunities to live and work in Toronto and Vancouver and through business travelled around the Globe where I acquired a great knowledge of many cultures and learned to appreciate them all inclusively. 

Topping this off is my partner and wife of 22 years that has supported and guided my decisions in business and life , and with our 2 beautiful children my life is very full-filling and rewarding. 

Our life in Toronto and Vancouver was a great experience and I wouldn't change it, but 8 years ago we knew it was time to "Come Home to Nova Scotia" as we felt it was a better life for our children and less stressful for us and our bank account. That decision was the right one for sure as our health improved with better eating, more outdoor activities, especially on the ocean, and less monetary stress. 

I had always been passionate about Real Estate and made the decision to get my Realtor license last year to start my second career at the ripe age of 55!

Who would have guessed it would also start in the middle of a Pandemic! Something magical has happened however as the world is in panic mode we are in our own little bubble here in Nova Scotia with zero cases of Covid! Getting to my point that those great cities I have visited around the world are nice, but I felt obligated to share my story to entice others to live and invest here in Nova Scotia with us... so contact me it's time for you to "Come Home to Nova Scotia"


Nova Scotia

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